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Orchids are one of the most popular flowers used for decorative purpose. Whether as bouquets or for flower arrangements, orchids are widely used by florists.

Orchids belong to the family of flowering plant Orchidaceae. There are 22000-26000 varieties of orchids, and they grow in almost all parts of the world except Antarctica. They are native to Asia and Australia and are available in all colors except black.

Types of Orchids

There are different types of orchids, each with its distinct color, size, and shape. Here are a few of the orchid varieties that you can find in flower shop Dubai.

  • Dendrobium Orchid: These are orchids that are found in Asian countries like India, China, Japan, and the Philippines. The peculiarity of these orchids is that a large number of flowers grow at the tip of a stem. This type of orchid flower is available in purple, white, and a combination of purple and white colors.
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  • Phalaenopsis Orchid: Phalaenopsis orchid otherwise called moth orchid is commonly used in flower bouquet, because of their long life span. Moreover, these types of orchids are available year-round. Phalaenopsis are available in pure white and spotted variety.
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  • Cattleya Orchid: Cattleya is large orchid flowers with a sweet fragrance. They are hybridized variety and are available in a range of colors. Few cattleya orchids even have freckles and streaks thus making them a favorite with florists.
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  • Cymbidium Orchid: These orchids originally grow in the Himalayan region of India and require a cold climate for its growth. These orchids are available in different colors like yellow, red, pink, and white. The flowers are small when compared to other types of orchids. But since they grow as a group, the orchid looks stunning.
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  • Lycaste orchid: Lycaste orchids are large and long-lasting and come with a sweet fragrance. These orchids are available in red, pink, and white colors and would make an excellent addition to a flower bouquet.
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Facts About Orchid

  • Orchids are one of the oldest flowers in existence with more than 28000 species all over the world. They are believed to have existed even before the separation of continents.
  • Orchids grow on almost all continents except Antarctica. Thus, they can grow in all types of habitat like tropical, rainforest, and tundra. But they are commonly found in tropical regions of Asia and Africa.
  • Orchid flowers are bilaterally symmetrical. This means that if you cut the flower into two, both sides appear to be mirror image. This specialty of orchids could be one reason why florists around the world use these beautiful flowers a lot in flower arrangement. Once the orchid flower blooms, it droops down as they become heavy.
  • Orchids are available in different sizes. The smallest orchid is as tiny as a penny whereas the largest one is the size of a car.
  • Few of the orchids are shaped and colored like bees. Bees mistake these flowers for their mates, and when they realize that these are flowers, they fly away carrying the pollen with them.
  • Orchids have the tiniest seeds of all plants in the world. There are around 3 million seeds in a single orchid flower. The seeds take approximately 5-7 years to germinate.
  • Some varieties of orchids stay alive only for a few hours whereas some others like phalaenopsis remain fresh for almost six months. The large life span is one reason why phalaenopsis is widely used along with a bouquet of roses.
  • Orchid hunting was business during Victorian times when the orchids used to fetch good monetary reward.

How to Care for Orchids?

Though orchids grow abundantly in Asia, people always wonder how to grow orchids at home. Growing orchids is not a difficult task if proper care is given. Here are a few things you should keep in mind for orchid care.

  • Water: Orchids need just enough water so that the soil does not dry off. Stick your finger 1-2 inches into the soil to see whether it is dry. If you feel that the soil is dry, you can water the plant.

    The frequency of watering depends on the type of orchid. Generally, most varieties need to be watered 2-3 times per week. Mist the orchids with a spray bottle if you feel that the humidity of the room is low. Misting is particularly crucial if you use an air conditioner regularly.
  • Soil: Orchids require well-draining soil so that the water does not get accumulated. Mix the soil with fir bark, peat moss, and cork for lush growth.
  • Fertilizer: Orchids require a balanced fertilizer with an equal amount of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous. Thus, you can go for a 10-10-10 or 20-20-20 fertilizer. Once the plant is fertilized, do not water it for the next couple of days lest the fertilizer gets washed off.

Tips for Taking Care of Orchids

  • Always plant orchids in pots with drain holes. In the absence of holes, water gets collected on the pot and results in rotting of roots.
  • Place orchids in a south or west-facing direction so that it gets ample indirect sunlight.
  • Maintain the temperature of the room between 16 and 24 degree Celsius for the orchid to survive.
  • Once the orchid flowers die, you should cut the flower spike at the base. Cutting the dead stem will direct all energy towards the root, which helps in the healthy growth of the plant.
  • If you spot any insects or bugs on the flower, you should remove that with your hands.
  • If the orchid changes its color or if spot appears, it means that the plant is infected. In such a situation you should cut off the leaves or flowers.
  • If the orchid suddenly stops blooming even after obtaining the right water, temperature, and sunlight, then it should be re-potted.

Because of its longer shelf life, orchids are favored by shops that offer flower delivery Dubai. If you are looking for high-quality orchids or require any help in growing the same, you can contact 800flower.ae.

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