End of the Year Gifts for Teachers


We have almost reached the end of the academic session. Few of you will pass out soon from the school or college that you call your second home. Few others might relocate to other parts of the world for further studies or prospects.

Before you leave your school or college, why not give a wonderful gift to your teacher – the person who made you whom you are today.

Why give teachers a gift?

Teachers play a crucial role in shaping your personality. In fact, they occupy an important place in your life; next to your parents. As such, the teachers deserve an end of year teacher gifts as an appreciation for the hard work they have put forward.

Teacher appreciation gifts can also be provided on special occasions like birthday, new year, or Ramadan.

Giving presents for teachers helps to build the concept of generosity and thankfulness among children. It let the teachers know that you care for them and appreciate all the hard work they have put forward.

Top 5 gift ideas for Teachers

When you think of gifting your teacher, various gift options pass through your mind. But ideally, teacher gifts should be something that they can use either personally, in the classroom, at home, share with others, or treasured throughout their life.

Here are five interesting teacher gift ideas for this year-end.

1.    Gifts that can be used for personal purpose: This includes all those unique teacher gifts that can be used by the teacher for himself or herself. Few of the gifts that fall under this category are perfume, jewelry, and bag.

Depending on your budget you can purchase either branded or non-branded perfumes. Few of the perfumes that would make best teacher gifts for a lady teacher are Very Estee from Estee Lauder, Flower Bomb Extreme from Viktor and Rolf, Eternity Moment for Women from Calvin Klein, and Travel Exclusive Fragrance from Elizabeth Arden. For men, The Brave Extreme from Diesel, Bleu De by Chanel, and Velvet Desert Oud by D&G would make excellent gifts.

Jewelry would make the right gift lady teachers. While gifting jewelry as great gifts for teachers, make sure that it is simple and beautiful so that it can be used at work. You can check out Liali, lifestyle, and Istana for some fine jewelry.

When it comes to bags as good gifts for teachers, you can try brands like Ginger, New look, and Mango that have bags for less than AED 100.


2. Gifts that can be used in the classroom: Teachers require a whole lot of stationery items in the classroom. Why not give it as thank you teacher gifts and make her happy?

Few of the items that you can gift your teacher are writing pen, marker pen, pencil, note pad, and post-it. If you want to provide personalized teacher gifts, then you can decorate a jar with paint and beautiful embellishments and gift it along with the stationery. Notepads and pencils can be neatly wrapped using a satin ribbon to provide a personal touch.

You can also buy an organized box with different compartments and place small items like clips, eraser, push pins, and even some chocolates in it.

Design wall art with beautiful quotes can be given, which would make an excellent table décor in the classroom or teacher’s lounge.



3. Gifts that can be used at home: If you want to gift your teacher something that she can use at home, then there are various choices.

Personalized teacher mugs can be used either for serving coffee or as a home décor item.

A bouquet of beautiful flowers is another gift that can be used as a home décor piece. You can also gift beautiful flower arrangements that can be used for decorating the home.

Succulents not only add a touch of greenery but also provides a stunning look to the interior.

Small lanterns can also be hand painted and gifted as a token of appreciation for lighting your life. Candles can also be given as a symbolic representation.


4. Gifts to share with others: If you want your teacher to spread her happiness with others, then you should give her something that she can share.

Chocolates are the best choice as it shows your love and care. You can gift a box of exotic chocolates which your teacher can share with others.

Another interesting gift that you can give your teacher is a cake. You can go for a customized cake and get it designed in your teacher’s favorite color.

Candies, cupcakes, muffins, cookies are all gifts that they can share with others.


5. Gifts that can be treasured: If you are looking for gifts that your teacher can treasure throughout her life, then a THANK YOU card would be the right choice. Your teacher is sure to remember you every time she sets her eyes on it.

You can go for a handmade card that can provide a personal touch. If you have any photographs of yourself with the teacher, then you can include the same in the card.

If you are artistic, then you can gift a beautiful drawing which your teacher is sure to appreciate. For those who are poetic, you can even pen down a small poem, frame it, and hand it over to the teacher.


When is the best time to give a gift to the teacher?

There is no appropriate time to give a gift to the teacher. You can gift her during her birthday, any festival or even on the teacher’s day.

But if you want to thank the teacher for all the good deeds she has done during the year, then the end of the academic year is the right time to give a gift to the teacher.

If you do not have any teacher appreciation gift ideas, then a flower bouquet would be the right choice. There are various flower shop Dubai that offers exotic flowers at an affordable rate. You can buy a bouquet of roses and gift it along with a card for that wonderful person in your life.

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