Best Vases for Flowers


Flowers in myriads of colors, shapes, and textures are a pleasant sight to the eyes. A bouquet of beautiful flowers with its soothing smell wafting through the air is sure to fill your mind with joy and pleasure.

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Learn All About Tulip Care


Tulips are spring flowers that are native to Central Asia and Turkey. The word Tulip is derived from the Turkish word ‘tulbend,” which means turban. The tulips belong to the lily family and grow as small bulbs. The flowers are large and come with six petals.

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Celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8th


International women’s day is around the corner. All over the world, corporates, business houses, and even government organizations celebrate this special day to mark the achievement of women in various facets of life. It is a day that shows a mark of respect to women for all the good deeds and contributions they have made to society.

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Top 5 Spring Flowers


What makes Spring season so beautiful are the myriads of flowers that bloom during this season. Though in Dubai Spring season is not so apparent as in the rest of the world, the city will be at its best during this time as the streets and roads will be beautified with colorful spring flowers.

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