How to Care for Potted Plants?


Using natural plants inside the house is becoming a fad nowadays. These indoor plants not only add to the beauty of the interior but also helps cleanse the indoor air.

For all those having potted plants in their house, indoor plant care is of great significance. You should ensure that the indoor plants in Dubai get ample amount of water, fertilizer, and sunlight so that it grows healthy.

How to Take Care of Indoor Plants?

The success of plant care depends on the right selection of the plant. Thus, before you zero in on one variety of plant, you should first decide the places where you are planning to place the pots. Depending on the availability of sunlight, you can select the plant.

The plants that you select for your interior should be easy care indoor plants. This will ensure that even if you are not able to water it daily, the plant will survive.

Here are a few plant care tips for indoor plants.

Choose the correct pot: The right container for indoor plants is one with holes at the bottom for drainage. If the holes are not adequate or if the water is not draining correctly, the plant will die soon because of excess water. The main signs of water retention are wilting and drooping of the leaves.

In addition to this, the pot selected should be big enough for the plant roots to grow freely. The overall growth of the plant can be affected if the roots are constricted. This will result in the death of the plant.

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Place the plant at the correct place: Depending on the type of indoor plant, it should be placed at the right place inside the house. If you have rose plant in your home, then for better rose plant care, you should keep it in the windowsill as rose requires direct sunlight. Money tree plant care can be given by placing it in areas where partial sunlight is available.

If natural light is not available in abundance, then you can use fluorescent light, which also helps the plant to grow healthy.

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Provide the right amount of water: The plants should be provided with the right amount of water for it to survive. The soil should neither be too dry nor wholly soaked in water. It should have enough moisture to help the plant to sustain. If the water drains out through the bottom of the pot or if mold appears on the surface, then you are over-watering the plant. You should water the plant when the soil is light brown in color.

Air plant care is much easier as the plant is already submerged in water. You need to fill the pot only once in 10-14 days.

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Provide the best potting soil for indoor plants: For indoor plants, you should never use the garden soil as it might contain insects and other fungal diseases. You should always go for soil that is meant for potted plants.

The right indoor plant soil is one with a mixture of vermiculite, perlite, peat, and moss. Succulents and cacti have separate potting soil that is meant for them. In addition to this, you should also provide a balanced fertilizer consisting of equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium for all green plants.

If you have plants with beautiful flowers, then you should go for fertilizer with a higher concentration of potassium. Adding soil to potted plants is also essential as the existing soil becomes compact or squeeze together after a few months.

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Prune regularly: Even if you have easy-care plants at home, it is essential that you prune it regularly. Otherwise, the plants will outgrow and may not have enough space inside the pot. You should also cut off any dead branches or stems to prevent bug infestation.

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Maintain the right humidity: Because of the continuous use of air conditioner in Dubai homes, the indoor air will most likely have less moisture. Since indoor plants require the right amount of moisture for its survival, you can install a humidifier indoors.

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Other ways to increase the humidity is by grouping the plants. If the flowers or leaves turn brown in color, then it is a sign that the plants are not getting the right humidity.

Tips for Caring Potted Plants

  • You should water the plant only when the soil is light brown in color. If you plan to water the plants only once a while, then pour water till it comes out through the hole. This way, you can ensure that the water has reached till the bottom of the plant.
  • Never allow plants to sit in a container of water. This will make the plant roots to rot.
  • While planting two different plants in the same pot, make sure that the requirements of both the plants are the same. You should not plant a rose with a spider plant as rose requires more water than the spider plant.
  • In the case of flowering plants, you should cut off the flower once it is dry. This encourages the production of new flowers. The cut off dry flowers can be used for dry flower arrangements.
  • If the flowers become dry very fast or if the bud falls off before blooming, then it is an indication that the compost is very dry.
  • Instead of sticking your hands to determine the moisture content of the soil, you can use a water meter.
  • In the case of new plants, you should always keep it away from old ones; lest the new one is infested with fungus.

It is rather easy to take care of plants indoor once all the nutritional requirements are met. It is best to go for easy care plants like succulents so that even if you do not provide proper care, the plant is sure to survive.

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