Best Selling Orchid Plants and Orchid Flowers


There is nothing more beautiful and natural like gifting a flower. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or even for a get well soon wish, a bunch of flowers make up a perfect gift. Though various other gifting options are available for multiple occasions, flowers are the best way to convey your feelings.

The flowers that are most commonly used for gifting purpose are rose, tulips, Lisianthus, hydrangea and of course orchids. These flowers are not only bright and elegant, but they have a unique charm to it which other ordinary flowers may not have.

Meaning of Orchid Plant

Of all these flowers, orchid flower continues to be the most sought after one. There are various reasons for the popularity of orchids

  • It is striking and elegant and leaves a lasting impression on the other person
  • Orchids have a longer lifespan. Thus, it lasts for long. Nobody wants the flowers to wither away as soon as it is gifted.
  • Unlike other flowers like rose, orchids require little care and adapt well to any surrounding. Thus, even if you have no time to spare for flower care you are assured that the orchid remains fresh.
  • Since orchids do not have any pollen grains, it does not cause allergy. Thus, it would make ideal gifts for elderly people.
  • Unlike other flowers like tulips and rose, the orchid can very easily be dyed and changed into colors of your choice. Thus, it is possible to customize orchid according to your taste and preference.

Top Three Most Popular Orchid Plants

If you are planning to gift orchid to your near and dear ones, here are few best-selling varieties

Purple passion orchid: Purple passion orchid is a fast-growing variety of orchid that belongs to the Spathoglottis variety. It is an early flowering garden orchid with solid purple flowers and yellow color on the lip. Once matured, this variety of orchid produces numerous spikes with a large cluster of flowers. Each cluster will have such a large number of flowers that it is difficult to count.

The purple passion orchids are produced for months, and hence there is hardly any shortage of this flower. This easy availability is one reason it is widely used in making bouquets. Moreover, its purple color is very bright, and the yellow color on the lip strikes a contrast to the purple shade. Thus, a bunch of purple passion orchid not only looks striking but also creates a good impression. Purple orchids represent respect and admiration and hence make up a good gift for your colleagues and higher-ups.

The Spathoglottis variety of orchid to which the purple passion orchid belongs grow well in warm and tropical climate. It requires a lot of water and regular fertilization. But the main advantage is that it grows well in flower bed and hence is easy to manage.

Thoughtful orchid: The thoughtful orchid, otherwise known as the moth orchid or Phalaenopsis blume, is yet another variety of orchid that is widely used in bouquets. These are white orchid with deep purple color lip and light purple color towards the edge of the petal thus creating a purplish tint. The thoughtful orchid will make up an excellent gift when y ou want to impress someone like a friend or a colleague.

The main advantage of the thoughtful orchid is its ease of production. It grows throughout the year and hence is widely available for making bouquets. Moreover, they stay in bloom for a more extended period. It can also be repotted anytime and therefore is easy to grow.

The orchids belonging to the Phalaenopsis variety usually grows in a moderately bright surrounding. It blooms towards the fall season, and the flowers will last until next June or July. Once the blooming period is over, new roots will grow in preparation for new flower spikes.

Unbreakable pair orchid: This variety of orchid also belong s to the Phalaenopsis family. This flower is characterized by white petals with bright yellow color lips. These flowers are simple and beautiful and signify elegance and innocence. Thus, it makes up an excellent gift for christening or birth of a baby.

The unbreakable pair orchid is very easy to produce and lasts for a significant part of the year. It starts blooming towards the fall and lasts until the summer of the next year. It grows in a moderately bright surrounding, and hence a windowsill would be the right choice. New roots will start appearing once the blooming period is over.

Gift the unbreakable pair orchid as a bouquet or place it in a turquoise vase, it is sure to create a lasting impression on others.

Test of time orchid: With beautiful purple dots adorning white petals, the test of time orchid is sure to add a touch of beauty to your bouquet. This beautiful orchid also belongs to the Phalaenopsis family of orchids. This orchid has an arched stem with a cluster of 5-6 flowers growing towards the end of the stem. The soft tone and texture of the flower make it an ideal gift for your dear ones.

The test of time orchid can last for long if it is kept in moderate weather. The windowsill is the right place to preserve this flower.

How to take care of your Orchid

One of the reasons why orchids continue to be the most favored flower for gifting is because of its long life. If little care is taken, you can extend the life of the flower for a longer duration. If you receive an orchid as a gift and want it to stay fresh for long, cut the stem of the orchid ½ an inch from the base and submerge it in water. Make sure that you place it in a well- ventilated room away from harsh temperature. Thus, you should not place it under direct sunlight, air conditioning and a strong draft.

The life of any flower depends on the care that you provide. If good care is given, then the flower remains fresh as new for a longer period of time.


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